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Southwestern Pennsylvania Eye Center Southwestern Pennsylvania Eye Center Southwestern Pennsylvania Eye Center Southwestern Pennsylvania Eye Center

Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery

Southwestern Pennsylvania Eye Center is proud to offer the LenSx® Laser System, a bladeless advanced technology bringing a new level of precision to cataract surgery

Dropless Cataract Surgery

A new advanced procedure to reudce or eliminate the need for eyedrops after cataract surgery

iStent: Glaucoma treatment during cataract surgery

Southwestern Pennsylvania Eye Center is now implanting the iStent® - the smallest medical device to treat your glaucoma at the time of cataract surgery

Facial Aesthetic Center

Visions of Beauty of the Southwestern Pennsylvania Eye Center

Eyelid Surgery


In commitment to helping patients be the best they can be, Southwestern Pennsylvania Eye Center offers functional and cosmetic eyelid surgery. In some cases, the amount of skin around the eyes may protrude over the eyelashes to cause a loss of peripheral vision and detrimental disturbance of activities such as driving or reading. In other cases, patients find themselves looking in the mirror and wishing the puffy or saggy skin would return to the tautness of yesteryear. As we age, the tone and shape of the tissue around the eyes slackens, leading to excess skin that can make us appear tired and older than we really are. While there is no miracle cream or super food that can completely tighten skin, eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) can help. Fortunately, Southwestern Pennsylvania Eye Center’s surgeons are skilled in the less is more approach in offering eyelid surgery that is customized for optimal function and aesthetics.

Blepharoplasty is a popular surgery involving a small laser incision, removal of fatty deposits and tightening of the skin while closing the incision. Best of all, because the laser seals blood vessels as it touches them, laser blepharoplasty leads to less swelling and bruising than traditional eyelid surgery. Not only does this enable increased visibility for the surgeon, leading to enhanced precision, but it also promotes a quicker recovery with less postoperative swelling. Enjoy a proactive treatment that will correct sagging eyelid skin and allow a quick return to your daily routine.

Southwestern Pennsylvania Eye Care helps patients take pride in their eyes – From vision correction to age defying tweaks; your path to healthy eyes begins here.